Pillsbury Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix Now Exists And You Can Just Take All My Money Now

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Sometimes this job is so hard. Why is that you ask? I have to write posts about these treats that look devastatingly good, and then I have to try not to pack my house with all the good things!

The latest culprit in this game of Just Try Not To Eat Me is this FUNFETTI Cake Mix. BUT, it’s not JUST a regular Funfetti cake mix. This beast is CHOCOLATE!

Courtesy of Pillsbury

See what I mean?!? How do I NOT run to the store IMMEDIATELY and clear out the entire shelf of Chocolate Funfetti Cake mix?


I mean, just take my money. Take all my money. Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix is what’s been missing in my life all these years, and I didn’t even realize it.

You will find that there is the Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix, but a Chocolate Funfetti Frosting has not yet been spotted.

In a way, foodiewiththebeasts on Instagram hits the nail on the head when they say, “I think it’s kinda rude to have the cake and not the icing. But that didn’t stop me from buying it!” So true, my foodiebeast soulmate!


On the other hand, it’s probably better that a Chocolate Funfetti Frosting has not been seen. I can see myself hiding in the bathroom with the tub of frosting and a spoon, and polishing off the entire container. SUGAR RUSH!!

I mean, I’ve seen the Funfetti Chocolate Brownie Mix, and you might be thinking, “Why don’t you just get that?” Not the same thing, my friend. We are talking a fluffy cake, here.

Courtesy of Target

Speaking of Funfetti, do you know what’s absolutely delicious? Well, just about anything Funfetti. BUT, there is a Funfetti Coffee Creamer, and it is To.Die.For. You have to try it!


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