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The Saved By The Bell Reboot Premiere Date Has Been Announced And I’m So Excited

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This is not a test people. Break out your letter jackets, midriff baring shirts, and high waisted jeans, because we have a premier date for the new reboot of Saved By The Bell, and it’s coming up sooner than you might think!!!

Courtesy of NBC

We don’t have an official name, as of yet, but we HAVE a premier date. Ha!


According to Nerdist, the show will be hitting airwaves on the Peacock network on Wednesday, November 25th, so excuse me whilst I go circle that date in BIG Bayside Maroon and Grey circles (Or was it Red and White???).


Am I the only one that is totally giddy over this reboot? I mean, Saved By The Bell pretty much defined my childhood, first in high school, and then during The College Years.


This new show is still going to follow some of the original cast — of course, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is set to reprise his role as Zack Morris, and Mario Lopez will make his appearance as A.C. Slater, but maybe we’ll also catch up with Jessie Spano and Kelly Kapowski? Is it even possible that Mr. Belding will make an appearance? We’ll just have to wait and see.


In the premier of this new reboot, Zack, who is now the governor of California (I did NOT see that coming!), has gotten in some hot water for closing a bunch of low-income high schools, and funneling them into other, high-performing high schools.

Could Bayside be one of those high-performing high schools that Governor Zack Morris is using to funnel students? Spoiler Alert: It definitely is!


But, don’t worry, it isn’t ALL about the old cast! There are definitely some new faces that will grace the halls of Bayside for a new generation.


Who will be watching with me, come November 25th? Gah! I can’t wait!!


See a preview of the yet to be name Saved By The Bell reboot below.

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