Julia Fox Confirms Breakup from Kanye West and Says She’s Writing a Book About it

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It seems like nothing these days can be kept private especially when you’re a celebrity couple.

Julia Fox Instagram

And if you follow the drama with The Kardashians and Kanye West, you’d know that Kanye has been dating professional model Julia Fox.

Julia Fox Instagram

As of recent, rumors have been circulating about Julia Fox and Kanye West breaking up and it seems those rumors are true!

Julia Fox recently confirmed her breakup from Kanye West.

Julia Fox Instagram

In fact, she says she is writing a book about it. Wowza!

During an Instagram Stories, Julia confirmed the breakup and even said that she was writing a book to share all the details about her relationship with Kanye.

Julia Fox Instagram

I am truly curious what would be in the book considering the couple had only dated for a little over a month (they started dating on New Year’s Eve).

In the Instagram story, she mentioned how some people said she was caught crying at the airport after news about their split broke.

“Y’all would love it if I was soooo upset! The media would love to paint a picture of me a sad lovely woman crying on a plane by myself but it’s NOT TRUE!! Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler. I came up yall lol and not only that but Kanye and I are on good terms! I have love for him but I wasn’t in love w the man Jesus Christ what do u guys think I am 12 years old?!”And for the record the only time I cried in 2022 was on Feb 6th on my dead BFF’s bday. Anyway if u want the full tea you’re gonna have to buy the book when it comes out 🙂 [sic].”

Again, how much dirt could she possibly have on Kanye from such a short relationship?

I guess with the way Kanye has been lately, it’s quite possible he’s been a bit more manic behind the scenes.

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