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The NFL Denies it Tried To Stop Eminem from Kneeling During The Halftime Show

Did you catch the Super Bowl last night? It was pretty intense.

My favorite part was the halftime show because those performers were my jam.

The halftime show came with quite a bit of buzz because rumors quickly spread how the performers did things during their performance they weren’t supposed to do.

Dr. Dre said lyrics he wasn’t supposed to and Snoop Dogg showed his affiliation to the Crips when he wasn’t supposed to.

And then there is Eminem who kneeled on stage.

Rumors had it that Eminem asked the NFL if he could kneel and they said no.

But now, the NFL denies it tried to stop Eminem from kneeling during the halftime show.

The NFL league spokesman Brian McCarthy said:

“We watched all elements of the show during multiple rehearsals this week and were aware that Eminem was going to do that,”


So, does that mean they actually allowed it to happen and was okay with it?

Who knows, but it happened and many fans are glad it did.