Eminem Wanted To Kneel During The Halftime Show and The NFL Said No. So, He Did It Anyway

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Did you catch it? Eminem took a knee at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

In case you didn’t know, taking a knee is known for being a symbol against racism.

However, it has also become a controversial topic.

And as reports go, Eminem Wanted To Kneel During The Halftime Show and The NFL Said No.

People believe it was his way of saying he was against racism.

Get this – – he did it anyway and not many people actually noticed!

So, during the Half Time Show where Dr. Dre was playing piano for Mary J Blige, Eminem was caught kneeling next to Dr. Dre.

It was subtle but some fans noticed and started going crazy over it.

The thing is, I don’t get why the NFL said no.

Apparently reports say, the NFL was strict with what the performers could do and wear.

According to the Puck story:

“The league apparently didn’t want its premier event to turn into a divisive culture war moment.”

I mean, the right thing to do is, end racism and isn’t that already spread across the field during the Super Bowl?


Nonetheless, you can check out the video of Eminem taking a knee below.

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  1. Snoop is snoop no one should change their self for anyone its called self respect

  2. Umm hello he was playing piano for 2pac – Anit Mad At Cha

  3. Right On Eminem..
    What Up Doe..
    Detroit What💙…
    Right is Right…

  4. i didn’t tune in for the game… neither one of my teams was involved… i tuned in cuz my childhood favs were up on that stage!!! we are who we are and u can’t take that from them… people need to stop focusing on such negativity and enjoy what’s in front of them!!! comming from a group of “white people” rapping it out to all our favorite stars tonight!! 50cent just added to it !! i enjoyed it very much!! who cares if he kneeled or he wore blue it’s old school!!

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