Judge Grants Amanda Bynes’ Request to End Conservatorship

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Amanda Bynes is officially a free woman!


We all know that Amanda got into some trouble over the years (it seems to hold true for many young actresses).

This trouble led Amanda into being under a conservatorship in August of 2013, which gave her mother, Lynn Bynes, legal control of pretty much everything.

At the time, Amanda was 27 years old and had been on an involuntary psychiatric hold for allegedly starting a small fire in a stranger’s driveway.

In November of 2014, she tweeted that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and this was about a month after her second psychiatric hold.

According to Page Six, last month Amanda filed court documents to hopefully end the conservatorship that has lasted nearly 9 years.

She filed what is called a capacity declaration which is required in California for conservatorship cases.

This capacity declaration is about her current mental health state.

Amanda Bynes is now 35 years old and she wants the conservatorship of her person as well as her estate to be terminated.

Well, as of today, Amanda’s wish was granted after a judge terminated Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship.

The best part is, unlike Britney Spears’ family, Amanda’s mom was all for ending the conservatorship and supported the decision.

“[Lynn] looks forward to seeing the next chapter in Amanda’s life as her mother, not her conservator,”

attorney Tamar Arminak

This girl has some struggles and has been admitted to mental health facilities many times, it’s not just bipolar disorder, it’s also addiction.

It saddens me to see these grown adults that I watched on television when they were children have such things happen.

So many things that we do not know about, I can only hope that she has life under control to the best of her ability and wish her well in the years ahead.

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