Disney World May Be Opening As Soon As June 1. Here Is What We Know.

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We will soon find out when Florida is going to reopen its doors, and lift the lockdown that is currently in place.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the big announcement will come on Wednesday for the plans moving forward with reopening the state.


What does this mean for Disney World? Well, the ORIGINAL stay-at-home order expires on April 30th, so we are about to find out.

Disney World is currently taking reservations for after June 1 at all their resort locations.

If we’ve learned anything during this crazy time, we know that the date may get pushed back. But, for now, Disney is planning allowing all reservations after June 1.

But, even when they open, things are going to look very different for awhile.

There hasn’t been an announcement as of yet, but it is expected that all employees will have to wear face masks, Disney will put back out the hand sanitizer stations, and all staff will have to get their temperatures checked before reporting to work.

Measures will most likely be put in place for a continuous sanitation of all readily accessible surfaces — those that frequently get touched.

There is also going to be some restriction on park attendance, and measures put in place to continue social distancing.

It is expected that the parks will be operating with up to a 50% capacity cap.

Also, there are probably going to be markers in each queue, reminding people to keep a distance of 6-feet between each other.

My question is — if all the employees have to wear face masks, what does that mean for the characters? Will Tiana and Gaston be decked out in a mask for family photos? Will all the characters in the parades be donning bedazzled face coverings?

So much is still up in the air, but we will have a better grasp on the situation after the governor makes his announcement.


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