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Here’s How You Can View Hundreds Of Live Cameras Around The World

The inside and the outside of my home are beyond dull right now. Television is predictable. Social media is stressful and chaotic.

I’ve taken the virtual tours around the world, explored the museums online. I thought I had done everything there was to do. Until just now. Just now I discovered hundreds of live cameras.

Cameras all over the world livestreaming and it is amazing! Everything from the Northern Lights, Eagles, Underwater cameras, and even a Great Dane Puppy Playroom! Seriously, everything!

I had no idea this site existed until moments ago and I had to run over to tell you all about it!

Check out the eagles! I’m not sure how much work I will be able to get done after discovering this!

Or the cuteness of the Great Danes that are being trained as Service Dogs… My own Service Dog is a Great Dane and I am kind of addicted to them!

Tonight I will be tuning in to watch the Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights. Right now it is a beautiful snowy scene, but once the sun sets the beauty really begins!

Seriously, this is soooo much and I don’t know where to head first! The Pandas of the Wolong Grove Panda Yard!! Oh My GOSH!

Maybe this relaxing tropical reef camera? Y’all! I am almost overwhelmed at how much is available! I can not wait to show my kids!

I’m not a cat person, but there are even cat rescue live cams on here. So you can watch kittens play if that’s your thing! I’ll take the puppies.

This is only a small sampling of what they have available for you to watch. I really didn’t even know what to pick to share because there is just so much! All of it is awesome!

So if you need an escape for a bit, this is where you need to go! It is called Explore.Org and it is FREE! It is sorted by category so you can find just what you are looking for.