Apple Is Making Millions Of Face Masks For Medical Personnel

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, recently took to the Twitterverse to talk about what Apple is doing to support the cause, and I’m rather impressed.

They have used their supply chain to help bring 20 MILLION masks to healthcare workers who direly need them. It is good to have friends in high places!

Apple is working with governments around to world, and they are trying to get these life-saving masks into the hands of people who need them the most.

Our first shipment was delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in the Santa Clara Valley this past week, and the feedback from doctors was very positive

Tim Cook Via Twitter

Apple has also used their sources to start production of FACE SHIELDS to go to medical personnel. They have brought together, not only their suppliers, but their designers, engineers, packaging teams, and operations personnel to achieve this new endeavor.

Courtesy of Tim Cook on Twitter

They are planning on shipping 1 million face shields per week to facilities in the U.S. that direly need these supplies.

Apple is working hard, and plans to expand production beyond the U.S. as soon as feasibly possible.

Mr. Cook ends his Twitter video by telling us all to practice social distancing, and STAY HOME. He’s not wrong!


Watch Tim Cook’s full Twitter video, below.

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