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According to Employees, Here Are 12 Fast-Food Secret Menu Items People Never Order But Should

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We love our fast food, don’t we? It’s so quick and easy — not to mention momma doesn’t have to cook and clean up!

But, we tend to have our favorites on every menu, and we don’t really step out of the box and order anything other than our standard items.

I bet, if we named a fast food restaurant, you’d be able to immediately tell us what you get at each joint.

For me it would be: Taco Bell = bean burrito with rice and sour cream.

Chick-fil-A = large Sunjoy and a 2-piece Chicken Strip.

Whataburger = potato, egg, and cheese taquito.

Subway = 6-inch veggie and cheese sub with spinach, tomato, onion, and ranch.

I don’t seem to veer from the same ol’ thing I always order, and I’m betting you’re the same way.

To help us break out of our fast food ruts, the employees of each restaurant are giving us a little look into the BEST items on their menus.

Some of these items are Secret Menu items, some of them are little-known favorites, and some are regular menu items that people just tend to overlook.

1. Popeyes – Cinnamon Apple Pie

It’s old school, deep fried like the McDonald’s ones USED to be 20 years ago. Delicious.


2. Wendy’s – Frosty Float

from wendy’s — frosty float (basically a root beer float) but you can make any combination from chocolate or vanilla ice cream and basically any other soft drink they have. I recommend strawberry fruitopia and chocolate ice cream. freaking delicious. 


3. Wendy’s – Bacon and Cheese Potato

basically a baked potato with melted cheese and about a 1/5lb of bacon bits (of actual bacon) 


4. Sonic – Pineapple Dr. Pepper

You should try a pineapple Dr pepper. I always recommend it to anyone i eat there with but few try it. However those that do fall in love. I have created a cult like following in the Memphis area

Freaky_Naughty 23

5. Sonic – “Lake Water”

At my local Sonic we have a drink called the Lake Water. Recipe: Sprite +Lemon shot +Powerade shot +Raspberry shot +Peach shot


6. Taco Bell – Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Cheesy gordita crunches at taco bell — my 3 most upvoted comments all say something about cheesy gordita crunches


7. Dairy Queen – Midnight Truffle Blizzard

At Dairy Queen, the Midnight Truffle blizzard is a chocolatey masterpiece but not many people order it.


8. McDonald’s – Chicken And Waffles

Surprised no one mentioned this: Best breakfast ever, the McDonald’s chicken and waffles. Order the southern style chicken and ask for it on a mcgriddle bread instead of a biscuit.


9. Little Caesars – Italian Cheese Bread

Used to work at Little Caesars pizza. At least at the one I worked at nobody ever got the “Italian” cheese bread with garlic cream cheese dipping sauce. So much cheesy buttery win.


10. Arby’s – Cup Of Melted Cheese

I have never, ever come across a person outside of my family (who has been doing it for years) that knows you can order a cup of melted cheese


11. Five Guys – Loaded Grilled Cheese

I used to work at Five Guys and you can get a grilled cheese with anything on it. When I worked there, I would get a grilled cheese with extra cheese, bacon, grilled tomato, and BBQ sauce on the side. It’s awesome.


12. Subway – Tuna And Bacon Sub

When I worked at Subway, I used to put bacon on my tuna subs, it was amazing! No one ever ordered it that way though.


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