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The Children’s Place Is Closing 300 Stores And They Are Having A Huge Online Sale

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Yet another retailer might have fallen victim to the curse of the coronavirus.

I used to work for the Disney Store, when it was owned by The Children’s Place, so I would get a discount at BOTH stores. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!! But, this post has NOTHING TO DO with the Disney Store (I just heard a collective sigh of relief).

BUT, this post has EVERYTHING to do with The Children’s Place — unfortunately.

The Children’s place has slowly been closing stores since 2013, with over 250 closed so far.

Now, according to a press statement put out by The Children’s Place, regarding their First Quarter Results — thank you, coronavirus — they have announced they will be closing another 300 locations.


That is not a small number. The Children’s Place is planning to close 200 stores in 2020, and another 100 stores in 2021.


BUT, don’t worry. My FAVORITE kids clothing store isn’t going anywhere. They will still have an online presence — which is where most of their business is coming from these days, anyway.


We believe that our long-standing transformation strategy has prepared us well for these uncertain times. As demand for our essential children’s clothing continues to surge, our omni-channel advantages are clear; quarter-to-date, our consolidated sales are up positive low double-digits, with on-line demand up 300%, while approximately 95% of our stores remain closed. We are planning to have the majority of our stores open by July 1st.

The Children’s Place

On March 18, all of The Children’s Place brick-and-mortar locations closed, because of the coronavirus — as so many businesses did. They are slowly but surely reopening their doors, and as of June 8th, there were 61 stores reopened to the public.


Stores closing USUALLY means epic sales, so the first thing I did was go the The Children’s Place website. While they don’t currently have closing sales on the site, they DO have an EPIC summer sale, where there are SO MANY WILD things on sale — like EVERYTHING!

The Children’s Place

They have graphic t-shirts for as little as $3.99, pants on sale for like 5 bucks, dresses on sale, shoes on sale, school uniforms on sale — literally EVERYTHING is on sale!


I may or may not have just spent $200 at their online store. Shhhh. Don’t tell my husband. I’m being proactive for school in the fall.


Go check out The Children’s Place website, and take a look at the sale for yourself!


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  1. I was really hoping the article would have a list of stores that are closing…it was kind of useless without that info.

  2. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE TOPEKA KS store!!!! ILOVE this store!! It is my FAVORITE store to shop and now I have great grand babies to shop for….

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