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Teachers Are Showing Off Their Decorated Classrooms and People Are Loving It

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If you haven’t completed your back to school shopping you’re probably late, although your teacher isn’t.

Teacher of TikTok are showing off the final looks of their classrooms after decorating with tape, staplers, and colorful ribbon for countless hours.

Courtesy of @lexyshea_

While some incorporated boho themes filled with greenery, succulents and plant puns, other teachers decided on pretty and pink classrooms and pastel colors with every teacher’s classroom on TikTok including top level organization skills.

Courtesy of @schoolgirlstyle

@lexyshea_ decided to lean towards a pastel pallet including pinks, yellows, and greens with white granite countertops and a cozy corner for reading complete with fuzzy white chairs.

Courtesy of @lexyshea_

Before and after snapshots including a classroom tour from @schoolgirlstyle, included a boho inspired makeover that featured mini succulents on every table, a leafy rug, beige seats and of course, a pun that reads “rooted in love” at the front of the classroom.

Courtesy of @schoolgirlstyle

@_meghansen who captioned her TikTok stating classrooms should feel like home, her learning space incapsulated a “home sweet home” feel with cool toned lights, a cozy nook for books to read, and plenty of pillows to squeeze!

Courtesy of @_meghansen

From kindergarten, to third, to sixth, eighth or high school, teachers around the world are nearly ready for the school year to start with freshly decorated classrooms and learning spaces; thank you teachers for all that you do!

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  1. I am a teacher and I love these teachers and these rooms, BUT we should see the before and after shots asking with the final price tag that came out of the pockets of those teachers.

    1. @Kristin, I was just thinking that exact same thing!