Lego Is Releasing ‘The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr’ Building Set Complete With The Eye of Sauron

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Lego has officially announced it’s next set.

And let’s just say that this new building block set is for The Lord of the Rings fans!

Courtesy of Lego

That’s right! Lego has officially created a few thousand pieces that you can put together to build the Dark Tower from the famous movie!

First built by Sauron in the movie and now by you for your living room, the inspired The Lord of the Rings set comes stuffed with 5,471 Lego pieces, to be exact.

Courtesy of Lego

Now that’s a lot of pieces, but should be a piece of cake to build for a dedicated fan to the franchise!

You can also expect to find several Easter eggs, and many references to the movie, including 10 familiar character figurines throughout this new build too.

Courtesy of Lego

There’s even a lava filled dungeon area, a throne room, and a secret compartment that reveals a hidden map to make this set an activity you’ll want to build for hours until its finished!

Courtesy of Lego

For those of you who are first time builders or Lego building experts, the Lego company says that this build is divided into four main sections with the tower itself, being fully modular.

You can snag The Lord of the Rings Lego set come June 4 on Lego’s website right here.

Courtesy of Lego

However, Lego insiders will have early access to order the set on the first day of June!

You can also signup for free to become a Lego insider, so you can purchase the set earlier than everyone else, because we all know this one will go fast!

Courtesy of Lego

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