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A Couple Invited Christopher Meloni To Their Wedding And He Responded In The Rudest Way

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Christopher Meloni seems like he’d be one cool dude to hang out with, doesn’t he?

We’ve watched him for YEARS on things like Law & Order: SVU, Drunk History, True Blood — and my favorite: his brief stent on The Handmade’s Tale — and in my mind, we’re pretty much BFFs.

But, turns out, he might not be as jovial and cool as he comes across on screen.

There are a couple of die-hard Christopher Meloni fans who recently tweeted out their wedding save-the-dates, with a bit of a special request.

Chris, please come to my wedding


He actually saw the request, and answered!

But, his response left quite a bit to be desired.

In fact, his response to the request to come to the wedding was kinda rude — or at least it came off that way.

What did he say?

And do what?


And, just like that, the Tweet went viral. LOL!!

I mean, I guess they can be excited that he actually saw the invite, and responded. They can print it out, and put it in their wedding scrapbook.

By the way, can we talk about how ah-mazing their save-the-dates are? They are so unique, and I totally wish I would have gone this route when I got married!

So, it looks like Mr. Meloni won’t be showing up for the wedding, but the couple sure have a pretty cool tale to tell.

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