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This Website Shows You Exactly How Much of The Solar Eclipse You’ll See In Your Area and When

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Monday, April 8th is a special day in 2024 because it is Solar Eclipse Day in the U.S.

Fun fact – the U.S. won’t see another total Solar Eclipse like this until 2045 – yes, 21 years!

With that being said, you may be one of the millions of people that are planning to take part in this special event and if you are, you may be wondering when it’s happening in your area…

You may also be wondering exactly how much of the solar eclipse your area will actually see.

Phase of the solar eclipse. Moon covers the solar disk

Well, lucky for you, there is a website where you can just enter your zip code and BAM it will spit out the time you’ll see the eclipse in your area.

Plus, it will also show you how much of the solar eclipse you’ll actually see based on where you’ll be at that time.

It’s actually a really cool tool and makes it really easy to determine if you think it’ll be worth calling in sick so you can watch the solar eclipse or not.

How to See What Time The Solar Eclipse Will Be In Your Area

Simple GO HERE to this website and enter your zip code.

For example, I entered, 84119 (a local zip code in my area) and it showed me this:

Cool, right? Make sure you go and do this NOW so you don’t miss anything!

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