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Nick Jonas Just Revealed His Go-To Coffee Drink And The Internet Is In A Frenzy

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I love coffee just as much as the next person — maybe more.

But, Nick Jonas just revealed the coffee drink that he typically orders, and I’m a little stunned.

I’m all about weird coffee combinations. Mix it with milk, mix it with cold foam, with syrup, with bananas, even with another shot of espresso.

I say, “good for you!”

But, Nick Jonas takes the cake for a coffee drink that I will not be imitating.

Why? Because I love my heart. LOL!!

The Jo Bros recently sat down with TODAY.com, and discussed what kind of coffee they prefer.

Jo and Kevin have pretty normal coffee orders — oat flat white and a hot Americano respectively.

But, Nick has to go and be all “youngest child” on his coffee order, and I’m loving it. LOL!!

What does Nick order? Hold onto your seats.

Nick likes to order an iced cold quad Americano with four shots of espresso.

But, wait. He doesn’t stop there.

His iced quad Americano is “followed up by another two for fun.”

Holy exploding heart, Batman!!

I guess, with a new baby and all, he needs all the caffeine he can get.

I’ll stick with my boring doppio over ice and topped with a protein shake, thank you very much!

What do you think? Would you order SIX shots of espresso at a time?

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