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Crocheted Footies Are The Hottest New Obsession and We Are Here For It

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I always have to have my feet covered… my legs too for that matter. Well, unless I’m in the water of course.

There is a new fashion trend right now and it involves making your own little crocheted socks!

You don’t have to make them, you can also buy them already made. I linked my favorite premade crocheted socks at the end!

Crocheting has been picking up in popularity for quite some time and now people are obsessed with crocheting these cute little footie socks.

Image credit: Shamar M. Payton

I do not have the hand-coordination skills to make these myself, but I’m thinking of finding someone to make me a few pairs because they are so cute and look so comfortable.

I went browsing for patterns and I have to share my favorites with you.

Image credit: ImInStitches13 Etsy

This first pair looks so cozy! Perfect for wearing around the house!

The creator of this pattern says it is a simple one and that you can quickly knock out several pairs! You can get the pattern from ImInStitches13 on Etsy for just $3!

Image credit: CrochicanbfStore Etsy

This pattern also looks like a winner and the creator says it takes about 2 hours (or less depending on your skill) to complete a pair.

You can buy this pattern for $5 from CrochicanbfStore on Etsy.

Image credit: aryzcreationz Etsy

I saved my favorite for last, they are just so freaking cute with the little ruffle at the top! I need them in every color possible please!

Thankfully these come to you as a finished product, so no crochet skills are needed! She can make them for any size including infants, toddlers, youth, and adults!

Image credit: aryzcreationz Etsy

You can purchase these ruffle crocheted footie socks from aryzcreationz on Etsy for $17, or if you hurry you can grab them on sale for $13.60!

Which style is your favorite?

Image credit: aryzcreationz Etsy

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