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This Adorable R2D2 Stainless Steel French Press Unites Star Wars Fans And Coffee Lovers

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Star Wars fans and coffee lovers unite!

This is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and it went straight in my Amazon cart the minute I saw it!


Check out this R2D2 Stainless Steel French Press that you can use to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Because this coffee maker has the French Press system, unlike other methods of preparation, water and coffee stay in contact longer in this coffee maker. The result is a full-bodied coffee aroma that turns your cup of coffee into a very special taste experience. 


The glass body of this R2D2 French Press is framed in a silver, stainless steel frame. This frame protects the glass jug and keeps the coffee connoisseur from getting burned by the hot coffee inside.

This R2D2 French Press makes 32 ounces of coffee, and like all French Press coffee makers, uses a mesh screen to filter out the coffee beans from the water.

Because it uses a mesh screen instead of a paper filter, it actually leaves the delicious coffee oils in the water, giving you a full-flavored cup of joe.


The coffee pot from this coffee maker is made of high quality borosilicate glass. This is particularly tasteless and heat-resistant.


If you’ve never used a French Press coffee maker, you are in for a treat.

One thing to note is that you need your coffee beans to be ground on a more coarse grind. This allows the ratio of water to coffee bean surface area to be absolute perfection.


Love this little guy. Oh, and the coffee press is awesome, too! Works like it should. If it beeped and whirred and flashes lights at me, I’d be in geek heaven! Given how much coffee I drink, this little guy is holding up well!!

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You can get this R2D2 Stainless Steel French Press for $58.99, which is such a GREAT price for this adorable 32 ounce French Press.

To get your hands on your own R2D2 Stainless Steel French Press just head on over to the Amazon website.


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