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This Inflatable Game Station Comes With Waterproof Playing Cards and I Need It

I can’t say I ever thought, hmm…we should play cards in the pool, until now. Now I want to play cards in the pool just so I can say that it’s something that I do.


I mean, honestly, has that ever crossed your mind? But now that I’ve shown you this, you’ll probably give it a thought.


This is an inflatable floating game table and chairs! Crazy right? Never thought of this before and now I feel like I absolutely need it.


Your game time in the pool isn’t limited to just cards, you could also play checkers! My kids would love this and honestly I think I would too!

The set comes with 2 inflatable sling seats that have drink holders built into them. You can use these sling chairs on their own! I could see myself lounging in this all day long!


It also includes an inflatable game table and comes with waterproof playing cards.


Used this weekend at a party and then with my son the next day. Works awesome. Love it. will buty another as a gift for my mom who loves playing cards in the pool.

RebFly – Amazon Reviewer

There are bungee ball ties that you can use to connect the chairs and table together. This way you won’t float off while a game is in progress.

Stephen Burke

Best thing I ever bought!!! Just got it today and haven’t got outta the pool. I will keep everyone posted on how well it stands up. So far 10 stars!!

By Stephen Burke – Amazon Reviewer

You can get your own inflatable game station set with waterproof playing cards on Amazon. It is only $38.46 and ships for free! It sounds like a must-have for any pool party! What do you think?