McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meals Are Back So, Hurry Over to Catch ‘Em All

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I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…

If you grew up collecting Pokemon cards like I did, you’ll be excited to know that the Pokemon Happy Meals are back at McDonald’s!


Now you may already know that McDonald’s seems to release new Pokemon Happy Meals every year.

This time around is Scarlet & Violet-themed Pokémon TCG packs.


The McDonald’s-exclusive Pokémon TCG set includes fifteen cards including Sprigatito (holographic), Feucoco (holographic), Quaxly (holographic), Cetoddle, Cetitan (holographic), Pikachu (holographic), Pawmi, Kilowattrel, Flittle, Sandaconda, Klawf (holographic), Blissey, Tandemaus, Cyclizar, and Kirlia.

Ahhhh I want to collect them all!

Now keep in mind, these Pokemon Happy Meals seem to be very popular and sell out quickly every year so, if you want to get your hands on one, GO NOW.

You can find the McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meals at participating locations now while supplies last.

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