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Why I Am Obsessed With Watching Oyster Openings on Facebook

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What is the deal with all the pearl shucking shows live on Facebook?

I mean, I want to hate them, but I spend hours glued to my fricking screen, just waiting to see what color pearl pops out of the gooey guts of an oyster. They aren’t even MY pearls, and I’m on the edge of my seat. Seriously, I want to know why I am obsessed with watching oyster openings on Facebook!

Why I Am Obsessed With Watching Oyster Openings on Facebook

Mermaid!! Be a mermaid!! It’s a black pearl!! Ooh, I haven’t seen a cranberry color yet! Maybe she’ll pull out a royal blue one!! TWINS!! That one has twins!!

I mean, I’m hooked. They probably couldn’t suck me in any further without having me actually cracking open the sea-smelling oysters, and selling the pearls myself … and believe me, I’ve thought about it. A lot.

See, here’s what they do. After they shuck (this is what they call the act of opening the oyster) the briny shell and take the shiny pearl out of the gooey guts, they showcase the pearl on a little bed of salt. This really highlights the color of the pearl, and gives it a more accurate depiction on the screen.

These masters of shucking prowess draw me in even deeper every time when they show the jewelry that can go with the stunning pearls. They have necklaces, bracelets, and charms, called cages. These “cages” encase the one-of-a-kind pearl that was just shucked right before everyone’s eyes.

Oh my goodness! It’s as if the cages call directly to me, “You want me, you know you do. Just buy ONE pearl. One. It will fit so nicely in a cage, and look stunning with your LuLaRoe outfit (an obsession for another time)!”

But see, nobody can buy just one. No way! They have trays of five oysters. That’s FIVE oysters shucked just for one person … five oysters containing AT LEAST one pearl each! Do you know how pretty FIVE colors of oyster pearls are together? Well, wait until they show them side-by-side on the bed of salt. You’ll be hooked too! 

Out of all the current obsessions out there today … and I seem to have a lot of them … this one isn’t going away anytime soon! Jewelry never gets old or goes out of style, and the pearl is a timeless piece that everyone should have in their collection. The magic of the shucker is here to stay, and the best part: I don’t even have to leave my comfy pajamas or get off my cozy couch! I can keep my oyster-loving obsession alive through the power of websites and Facebook Live.

Have you ever bought one of these live-shucked oysters on Facebook? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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  1. I have guest hosted one of these shows for Pearl Allure. It was so much fun. Hosted with my friends and it was the most fun I had in ages. You get to talk to people from all over and shucking was a blast. It’s not a gross as you think. People were so excited to see what they got and you play games too. Like trivia and there is a gum ball machine game and a spin the wheel game. I hosted for a couple of hours but it felt like just a few minutes. Time just flew.

  2. Im totally obsessed. I think about starting up my own pearl shucking business all day everyday haha. My family think Im crazy I actually think its awesome and could possibly generate alot of business…if only I wasnt too shy haha. Ive just started my collection. I shop around try to get more for my money hehe. I just love it so much csnt explain it. I currently waiting for my latest order to arrive from an amazing Pearl party page Krisky pearls based in Sydney. Love all the different lives but kriskys definitely value for money. Cant wait to order again. Your write up is like a page out of my life lol. Lets see if my urge to become a pearl lady is strong enough for me to actually get started.

  3. How much does it cost for a saltwater oyster and where can I sign up

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