People Are Putting Epsom Salt In Their Gardens and It is Pure Genius

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Have y’all ever tried using Epsom salt in your garden?

Maybe you should!

Epsom salt is the common name for magnesium sulfate, and often used to help sore muscles feel better.

BUT, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is also something that all the green garden things LOVE.

Magnesium Sulfate – helps seeds germinate, makes plants grow bushier, produces more flowers, increases chlorophyll production and deters pests, such as slugs and voles.

Epsom Salt Council

You see, magnesium and sulfate are both ESSENTIAL for plants to grow healthy and strong.

There are even ways to tell if your plant is in need of these nutrients.

If a plant’s leaves turn yellow all over the plant, it can be a sign they need more sulfate. If lower leaves turn yellow between the veins (that is the veins stay green), they may need more magnesium. 

Epsom Salt Council

But, you might be wondering what is the best way to get these valuable nutrients to your plants.

Well, here is a little trick for you.

How To Get Magnesium And Sulfate To Your Plants

Get yourself a good spray bottle that you can use in your garden.

If you need one, check out this spray bottle on Amazon.


Now, go grab about 1 to 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt and about 4 cups of warm water.

Mix those two ingredients together until the salt is dissolved, and then put the solution in the spray bottle.

Voila. Done.

It’s time to get spraying those plants.

You want to liberally spray the solution on your plants — and then do it again in about a week to 10 days.

That’s it!! Your garden will love it, and reward your efforts with greener bushier plants.

You can also watch more about epsom salt in the garden below.

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