You Can Get A Dragon Fire Pit That Looks Like It’s Breathing Fire

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Um, just take all my money NOW!

There is a fire pit that looks exactly like a Dragon and get this – when it’s lit up with fire, it looks like it’s actually breathing fire. Holy moly it is so cool!


I didn’t even tell you the best part – this Dragon Fire Pit is completely HANDMADE. Yeah, someone has the artistic skills to make this bad boy.


Trevor from the etsy shop ImagineMetalArt is the brilliant mind behind this design.


This dragon fire pit is 4 foot long X 16 inch wide. Burning area is 16 inch wide x approximately 25inch.


It’s made from heavy 14 gage metal on the bottom and 20 gage on top. Approx 24inch high. So it’s perfect for all those times you want to roast a marshmallow or even hang outside while it’s chilly.


The Dragon Fire Pit is listed for $1,107.68 + you will have to pay a delivery charge but OMG you would have the coolest and most unique fire pit in your neighborhood!

You can get this Dragon Fire Pit here. I mean, how can you not?


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