25 Lemon Desserts That’ll Make ‘Em Pucker Up And Say Yum!

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Next time you’re thinking about a dessert to bring to a gathering, or something sweet to make for your family on the fly, forget boring chocolate and look for tart and tangy lemon, instead. These 25 lemon desserts will make the people you love pucker up and say YUM! With everything from pies to fudge to cheesecake and even delicious soufflés, there’s something in here for everyone. Enjoy!

25 Lemon Desserts That’ll Make ‘Em Pucker Up And Say Yum!

1. This lemon pudding poke cake is the perfect treat for a picnic or any other friendly gathering.

2. Don’t worry about your family being messy with this tear-apart lemon monkey bread…it’s kinda what it’s made for.

3. A delicious lemon cream cheese puff pastry braid is beautiful and super easy to make.

4. No churn 3-ingredient lemon ice cream will make anyone who tastes it want to pucker up and ask for more.

5. Forget going to the drive through for lemon hand pies, when you can make them at home!

6. French macarons aren’t that easy to make, but will make you feel like a fancy lady when you’re done.

7. Tart and perfect lemon mini pies are a great way to have your pie, and eat it too (without having to share).

8. Forget the chocolate, this lemon fudge is what you’ll be craving!

9. We all know what the Godfather thought about lemon pie cannoli, and we couldn’t agree more.

10. Oooey gooey lemon pudding cake is like two desserts in one (and they’re both eaten with a spoon).

11. You’ve never had a soufflé until you’ve tried lemon soufflés cooked right in the rind.

12. Drizzle some lemony love on these butter cookies for a treat your family will brag about.

13. Tangy and sweet meringue rice krispie treats are the kind of pop-in-your-mouth deliciousness that we all deserve.

14. Lemon crumb bars are creamy, sweet, and perfectly tart.

15. You’ve not had cheesecake until you’ve tried this decadent lemon cheesecake. It’s the best ever!

16. Traditional donuts are too greasy. You’ll love these light lemon sugar baked donuts instead.

17. Forget chocolate dipped, lemon drizzled coconut macaroons are where it’s AT!

18. You won’t have to face the never ending pasta bowl temptation with this copycat Olive Garden lemon cream cake.

19. The best thing about these lemon mini tarts is you won’t have to eat just one.

20. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These lemon cheesecake cupcakes will make all other cupcakes boring in comparison.

21. Even Rachel from Friends won’t mess up when she makes THIS trifle (no beef included).

22. The only thing crumby about this lemon crumb cake is how fast it gets eaten.

23. These lemon brownies are the perfectly tart answer to a creamy, chewy question you didn’t think to ask.

24. Nothing is prettier on a platter than these crackle cookies…they are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

25. Lemon springtime cookies are a fun way to usher sunshine and color back into your life after a long winter.

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