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You Can Get A Pumpkin Spice Latte Purse For The Person That’s Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

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I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp the pumpkin spice obsession, but I know it exists and this purse is a must-have for the person that loves pumpkin spice.

I love Betsey Johnson, especially her funky purses.

I often hunt them down at Ross at a discount because spending money on things like that is hard for me to justify.

Today I came across some Betsey Johnson purses that are so adorable and pumpkin spice themed!

The Betsey Johnson pumpkin spice latte purses are crossbody style purses that you can stash all of your essential goodies in.


The first one is the Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody and I love the way it’s shaped and designed.

Betsey Johnson

It’s a white bag that is a cylindrical shape that looks kind of like a Starbucks hot drink cup.

Betsey Johnson

It’s covered in cute pumpkins and the hashtag “#Iloveyoualatte” so everyone knows where you stand about pumpkin spice.

Betsey Johnson

It even has a lipstick mark where the lid area would be if it was a real cup, super cute!

Betsey Johnson

I also found a Betsey Johnson pumpkin spice frappuccino puse too!


I think this last one is my favorite!


I love the shape of it, and the detail of the stitching… the colors are perfectly matched for fall too.


You can find all of these Betsey Johnson pumpkin spice themed purses on eBay here!


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