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Here’s Some Of The Most Bizarre Items People Are Spending Their Stimulus Checks On

People are finally receiving their stimulus checks and during a time like this, it never felt so good.

While some individuals have gotten the check early, others are still waiting to receive the money and the anticipation is real.

While the rest of us contemplate on how we determine to spend or save the $1,200, a lump sum of people have already made that decision, and it looks like there have been quite a few impulsive buys.

As it turns out, people have been spending their money on bizarre items, such as an inflatable dinosaur costume, a stripper pole, a canopied bed, and even a very expensive sex toy.

Paintball equipment and a pair of Yeezy shoes were also in shopping carts.

While the list goes on, maybe these purchases are a way of coping with the virus, or it might be that cabin fever’s getting to the best of us.

Whatever the case may be, there were some people however, who decided to use their $1200 to pay for bills, investments, loans etc.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m still unsure on how I’ll be using my stimulus check.

In all likely hood, I’ll probably be saving most it or investing it in the stock market but, to each their own!