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Disney+ Released Mulan Today. Here’s How You Can Watch It.

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It’s here! It’s FINALLY here! The live action version of Disney’s Mulan is finally available for you and your family to watch!

Disney Plus

The live action Mulan movie was supposed to hit theaters back in March, but, you know, Covid.

Then, they pushed it to July, but, you know, Covid.

So here we are in September, not so patiently waiting anymore. (At least I’m not!)


So after months of struggling and re-designating a premiere date, they decided to make Mulan available for purchase on Disney+ starting on Sept 4th, 2020 (TODAY!!!).

It will also be releasing into theaters wherever they are available, so check your town to see if it qualifies!


The catch? Nothing in life is free, of course. So to stream Mulan at this point, it will cost $30.

It makes sense, since they can’t have it in theaters, they have to make the income somehow. But the fact that it is available at all (FINALLY), is awesome!


If you can happen to make it until December, it will start streaming for free at that point. But for us who have been waiting for this, the $30 may just be worth it…especially if you have an entire family watching it.

Technically, that would actually be cheaper than going to the movie theater! And definitely if you’re used to stocking up on theater popcorn and snacks!

All you need to do is login to your Disney+ account and pay the $30 to start watching Mulan.


So what’s it going to be? Pay $30 and see the new live action Mulan movie right away, or save your money and wait a few months longer to get it for free? (What’s another few months, right?) Comment below and let us know if you’re going to watch or wait! (Streaming party anyone?)


I would also love opinions on this live action version. I have been told that there is no Mushu, and there are no songs. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way, but not hearing “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” just doesn’t seem right to me. But I guess we will find out, won’t we?


Well, enough writing for me! I am off to watch this (hopefully) amazing movie! I’ll be sure to share my personal thoughts! Share yours too, below!


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