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This Sperm Donor Has Fathered 97 Kids And Now He’s On A Mission To Get To Know Them

Looking for a way to make a few bucks while he was a broke college student, Dylan Stone-Miller started selling his sperm by the vial full.

Dylan sold his goods to the Atlanta-based sperm bank, Xytex, which actually deals with clients from around the world.

He was told that his sperm might be used by 40 different families, but at last count, he has fathered upwards of 97 kids!

And, now he is on a mission to get to know them.

Back in 2020, he was contacted by a woman that had used his sperm to conceive a daughter.

Now, he had signed papers with the sperm bank that said his identity would be kept confidential until the kids were 18 years old, but apparently there are ways around that.

Dylan did what any of us would do — he hopped on the woman’s Instagram account, and started going through her photos.

While digging through photo after photo, he came face to face with the picture of a little girl that looked just like him.

Seeing this little girl’s beautiful face just filled me with so much joy, love and gratitude — I had to fight to hold back the tears.

Dylan Stone-Miller

Once that first mother tracked him down, it wasn’t long before other families that had used his sperm started contacting him.

Using his donor number, the families found each other online, and they even started a Facebook group so they could stay in touch.

Dylan has since spent time traveling across the U.S. trying to meet as many of his biological children as possible.

As soon as I saw the face of this little girl who looked just like me, there was no going back — I knew it was going to be important to show up in whatever ways she and her family, along with all the other families, wanted me to.

Dylan Stone-Miller

Dylan Stone-Miller Has Fathered 97 Children Through Sperm Donation

Now, if you are thinking, “That’s a sweet story, but what the actual heck?” you aren’t alone.

It turns out that there are no national regulation limits when it comes to sperm donation.

As you can imagine, that can get dangerous when you think about these kids growing up and possibly dating. YIKES!

Dylan is now on a mission to get legal limits set on the number of pregnancies that can result from an individual sperm donor.

He’s even started a non-profit company that helps sperm donors and recipients navigate the challenges they may face.

As for starting a family of his own, Dylan doesn’t think it might be the ethical thing to do, bringing even more of his children into the world.

For now, he is content getting to know the children he already has out there in the world.