Facebook is Releasing Several New AI Features. Here’s What We Know.

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Other than Taylor Swift, AI seems to be the main topic in everyone’s conversation.

Meta has just announced a large update that will be featured on Facebook’s platform, including several new tools that all start with artificial intelligence.

While testing over ten new AI tools, you’ll notice that AI is making it easier to have a better one on one connection on Facebook.

For example, have you ever forgotten to wish a friend “happy birthday” on Facebook? AI knows just what to say to help you write a quick birthday message, whether it’s belated or not.

Courtesy of Meta

Not only can AI help you write out the perfect birthday message, but it can also assist in writing comments on posts if you’re ever at a loss for words.

The new AI tools can also help your FB dating profile too, who knew AI was such a matchmaker? Say hello to your future partner in 2024!

Facebook’s new artificial intelligence features will also be able to edit feed posts, create generated images, expand your content on various surfaces, and improve a better search tool on the platform too.

Courtesy of Meta

Oh, and when it comes to Marketplace, AI can be your smart shopping buddy while helping you find items that exactly your style, and giving you more details on what you may be considering on buying.

And finally, Facebook’s slew of new AI features will also improve the platform’s “groups”, so what does that mean?

Courtesy of Meta

Well, you can count on AI giving you the help you need to setup up the group you’ve always wanted to create, and even give you suggestions for community chat topics to discuss with members.

Finally, your beginners chef page group idea can go from an idea written on paper, to reality on Facebook.

Courtesy of Meta

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