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Walmart Is Selling Bags Of Vanilla Tootsie Rolls and I’m On My Way

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Who knew about this? No one told me that you could buy a whole bag that was just Vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls! How did I not know this? I thought they were only available in the mixed bags at Halloween.


Well, if you didn’t know either, yea… you can buy Vanilla Tootsie Rolls by the bag and I am so happy! Normally I dig out a few Vanilla Tootsie Rolls from the kids Halloween candy each year if I am lucky.


That just isn’t enough though! It is rare and elusive to find the vanilla ones! So now I can have a whole bag of them all to myself. Back off kiddo’s this is mamas!


They’re probably only out for Halloween, but there is hope they could stick around. That would be great! I know some people hate this flavor, but I like them! Of course, the chocolate ones are my favorite though. They’re also the midgees size which is also the best size!


The Vanilla Tootsie Rolls been spotted in Walmart stores and you can also buy them from Walmart online. I also found them on Amazon and those bags do say limited edition.


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