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Megan Fox Looks Visibly Upset As She Leaves A Marriage Counseling Office With Machine Gun Kelly

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Megan Fox was seen, looking like she was crying, leaving a marriage counseling office with Machine Gun Kelly.

I feel so bad for Megan Fox.

ICYMI, on Saturday, Megan posted a not-so-cryptic message about dishonesty on Instagram, and deleted all traces of Machine Gun Kelly from the page.

The post, a picture of herself along with Beyoncé lyrics about betrayal has since been deleted, but the message is pretty clear.

You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath

Beyoncé, ‘Pray You Catch Me’

Megan also seemingly unfollowed Machine Gun Kelly on IG, but then followed MGK’s rival, Eminem.

All this happened before she totally took down her IG account. *Sad Face*

I can just feel the betrayal from here, and it makes me so sad for her. That is NOT a feeling I would wish on anybody.

According to Buzzfeed, Megan even removed her engagement ring, a ring that was held in place by spikes — or “thorns” — that would supposedly hurt if she were to try to take it off.

Despite the rumors of MGK infidelity, People says that Megan and MGK are trying to work things out.

There are trust issues and this causes conflicts right now. Megan is taking one day at a time.

A Source To People

The Daily Mail has since posted pictures of Megan Fox and MGK leaving a marriage counseling office, looking visibly upset.

Megan was seen wiping her eyes, with a somber and pensive MGK in tow behind her.

The couple exchanged a few words, and then left in separate cars.

My heart hurts for Megan, and I hope they are able to work things out — or at least get some closure on such a hard situation.

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