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‘Painted Icicles’ Are The Hot New Home Decor Trend and It’s Basically Pure Magic

Hey all you people in Texas — and other places that have crazy icicles this winter season.

Why not make the best out of this weird polar vortex thing, and “paint” the icicles that are left on your house?

No, silly. I’m not talking about using paint brushes and paint.

Some people on social media have gotten creative in their winter boredom.

They have taken food coloring, and “painted” (let the food coloring drip down) their giant icicles that are left after the harsh winter weather.

Courtesy of Melly Hasenpfeffer on Facebook

Some people are using red food coloring, which only makes it look like there was a massacre in your front yard. Ha!

Courtesy of Ryan Lucas Payne on Facebook

Other people are breaking out all their food coloring, and painting a rainbow of colors on their icicles.

Courtesy of Isang Samari on Facebook

It’s pretty easy to do. You just place a few drops of food coloring at the top of the icicles, and let it drip down the long spikes of ice.

Courtesy of Jaime Miller Imagery on Facebook

And then, VOILA, you have cool colored icicles!

Courtesy of Bridgetteandbryan Eggers on Facebook

Pretty cool, huh!! It’s so easy, super pretty, and a great stuck-in-the-house activity for the kids — and adult kids — this winter!

Courtesy of Natural Learners Preschool on Facebook

You can even let the little guys paint the spikes of ice with food coloring and a watercolor brush.

Courtesy of Natural Learners Preschool on Facebook

When you step outside, armed with your food coloring, you better also take plenty of pictures, because I want to see them all!

Courtesy of Ordinary Outdoor Family on Facebook