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You Can Watch Daniel Radcliffe and Other Celebrities Read ‘Harry Potter’ From Home

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That sound you just heard was the *SQUEE* my daughter let out when she found out Daniel Radcliffe was helping to read the FIRST Harry Potter Book — Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Courtesy of Wizarding World

And that SECOND sound you just heard was the *SQUEE* I let out when I found out it is TOTALLY FREE to listen to (and watch) Daniel Radcliffe — and other celebrities — read the First Harry Potter Book!

As a parent stuck inside a very small house with two ferrell children bouncing off the walls, I want to thank ANYONE who comes out with activities suited towards kids during this uber trying time.

I can’t believe how the world has somehow banded together, to make this situation a little easier and lighter! It’s great, isn’t it.

It is the little things, that turn into HUGE events, that make the difference between a prison-like quarantine, and a little inconvenient staycation with plenty to do!

That is EXACTLY what Wizarding World has accomplished by providing this AMAZING reading adventure for children and adults, alike.

Courtesy of Wizarding World

It gives us a moment to get lost in fantasy and make believe, and provides some pretty kick-ass narration in the process!

Courtesy of Wizarding World

Not only are these recordings that we can listen to, they are also VIDEO installments, that you can WATCH at home!


To watch, you simply navigate your way to harrypotterathome.com, and start watching the magical readings by some pretty awesome celebrities. (I would like to personally thank whomever got David Beckham to read an installment of the book!)

Dakota Fanning Courtesy of Wizarding World on Twitter

If you prefer to just listen to the readings, you may do so at Spotify. Don’t worry — it’s TOTALLY free!


Want to know a little secret, that I just found out? If you join the Harry Potter Fanclub — I mean, who doesn’t want to do that?!? — you get to see the readings BEFORE they appear for the general muggle population. You also get notified FIRST when there will be a new installment released.


Never fear, it is completely FREE to become a fan of the Wizarding World!


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