Turns Out, Nobody Is Buying Pants Right Now But Everyone Is Buying Pajamas

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Pants? We don’t need no stinkin’ pants!

It seems nobody is buying “real” clothes online, but it’s all about the pajamas.

Well, I mean, I can’t say that I blame everyone. If I have to choose between work clothes, and soft, comfy pajamas, I’m going with the pajamas — all day, every day!! Ha!

Because we can’t all freely go to stores right now, everyone is doing their shopping online — some of us a little more than others. *Don’t judge*

The massive boost in online buying turned April into a giant Black Friday sale, Adobe Analytics said. For some retailers, online traffic rivaled the day after Thanksgiving. Other companies heavily discounted items that haven’t sold well during the pandemic, giving customers Black-Friday-like deals.

CNN Business

Think about the things you are buying online right now — and don’t lie, and say you’re not buying anything!

We are all getting tons of groceries — thank you, Instacart! — maybe some gadgets to kill the boredom, lots of pajamas — but, no work clothes.

Why would we? We don’t have any need for them right now!

Since the WORLD is in the same boat, clothing companies are feeling the hurt right now. According to CNN Business, clothing companies saw a 13% decline in sales, while PAJAMAS saw a whopping 143% increase in sales!!


Some clothing stores (via their websites) have had to cut prices up to 12%.

That is GOOD for us. It means it’s like Black Friday has come to play in May.

It’s NOT so good for clothing companies, as they are feeling a world of hurt right now! Everyone should be shopping for summer outfits, right? Not so much.

I got me a cute pair of summer pajamas and a fluffy blanket! I’m part of the problem. *Sorry, not sorry*

Now, unfortunately, the law of supply and demand is in full effect. Everyone wants electronics — so electronic prices have skyrocketed.

Trust me. All my son asked for on his birthday was a Nintendo Switch. They are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced right now. No, he won’t be getting one this year.

That soaring demand has led to some serious price increases for some online items. Prices of electronics, in particular, have risen: Computer prices soared 3.1% last month. Toys were 1.5% more expensive in April than in March.

CNN Business

Prices are going to be wonky for awhile. It is going to take some time for the economy to even out, and adapt to the changes in customer buying habits.

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