You Can Get A Clear Succulent Plant That Looks Like Tiny Opals And I Need One Immediately

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Look at these amazing CLEAR succulent plants. They totally look like tiny opals!

Courtesy of littleleafgarden on Etsy

Succulents are all the rage right now — and for good reason. They are only the BEST plants.

Succulents are the ONLY plants in my house I’ve been able to keep alive — I only have to water them once a week. Ha!

I need these gorgeous succulents in my life! They are in the family Haworthia, which is a small little succulent with big, plump leaves — or rosettes.

Courtesy of littleleafgarden on Etsy

This CLEAR version is rare, but you can get the seeds right from littleleafgarden on Etsy. You can get a 10 pack for 10 bucks, or a 50 pack for 19 bucks.

Courtesy of littleleafgarden on Etsy

Growing them sounds pretty easy — though I may need someone to hold my hand through the process.

What is the OPPOSITE of a green thumb? That’s what I have. I’m like the Grim Reaper of plants. Poor things!

I come for all the plants.

So, to care for these Haworthia plants, place them in a brightly lit area, but you want to take care not to place them in DIRECT sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

Courtesy of littleleafgarden on Etsy

A windowsill would be perfecto!

You want to water it once a week (My favorite kind of plant!) in the hot summer weather.

Once it turns straight up winter, you will only need to water your Haworthia succulent once a month, or so. You want to water it when the topsoil has dried out.

Don’t be like me, and forget about your succulent. Set a reminder to water the thing!!

You want to plant this succulent in cactus mix soil, because it needs a more coarse soil. It has to be able to drain pretty fast.

Don’t drown the poor thing. Again, don’t be like me. I either over water, or forget about it, and don’t water it at all! Ha!

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  1. Yo guys, there’s literally a link attached to the name of the plant. It immediately brings you to Etsy. Its like 14 dollars. You skipped reading didn’t you ppl?

    Click on the highlighted name of the plant on the top and you’ll get it there.