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Bath & Body Works Just Released Their New Halloween Collection And I Want It All

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Gah!! It’s time for all things Halloween, and I love it!!

Bath & Body Works just release some of their Halloween products, and I’m about to go scoop them all up into my virtual bag, and get them before they are gone!!

I missed out on them last year, because they were gone before I could even think through whether I needed them.

Let me save you the time. You DO need them. You WILL love them. You HAVE to have them!

So far on the list of Halloween Must Haves, Bath & Body Works has TWO single wick candles available — Vampire’s Blood and Ghoul Friend. They JUST happen to be 2 for $20. That’s super convenient. YES, please — add to cart.

Candles not quite your thing? Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to burn candles in the house. So, these Wallflowers Home Fragrance scents would have been PERFECT!!


They have this Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Wallflower Refill just in time for fall, and you can buy 3 of them for $28!

Bath & Body Works also has 6 Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps that they just brought out for a very limited time. They know what they’re doing! The hand soaps are 6 for $26, so that works out perfectly!

They have the soaps in Perfect Pumpkin, Happy Haunting, Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, Candy Corn Treats, and Spooky nights — and I’m about to get all 6.

The last thing they have added — so far — to their Halloween collection is something that is sure to make all then Tweens *Squee*. Wait for it — a unicorn makeup bag!! Yep. My daughter is going to beg for this one. It’s all about the unicorn, is it not?

So, bottom line — GET TO THE Bath and Body Works website NOW. Their Halloween line always goes hella fast, and you don’t want to miss it. It will be gone before you can say “BOOO!”

If you’d rather, you can also shop in-store for some other Halloween items. It all looks so good!


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