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You Can Now Get A Snuggie Blanket That Makes You Look Like Your Favorite Snack

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There’s pretty much nothing I like more than dressing up in a Snuggie Blanket, and enjoying a hot chocolate and a holiday movie in front of the fire on a cold December night.

I own like 5 different Snuggies, and I love every single one of them — from Tie Dye Purple, to Sherpa-Lined, to Solid Colors, to the Reversible Snuggie, and even to, my favorite, the Leopard Print.


Snuggies, of course, are those wearable blankets — the one with sleeves that allow you to move your arms freely whilst still being snuggled up nice and warm.

Now, you can get a Snuggie that will make you look like your favorite snack, and I call the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos one!!


SNUGGIE® BLANKET is a functional wearable blanket, built for relaxation. It will keep you warm whether you are watching TV, having a snack, working on your laptop, or reading a book.  


I absolutely love that you can take these Snuggies pretty much anywhere!

Do you have to sit for hours at a ball field while your kids play their favorite outdoor sport?

Bundle up in your Snuggie to keep you nice and warm. You’ll still be able to cheer to your little heart’s content!!


Are you that person in the office who is always sneaking to the thermostat, because you are always freezing cold?

No prob!! Throw on your Snuggie, and you’ll still be able to move your arms around freely to get your work done.


SNUGGIE Blanket measures 71” x 54” which means it is long enough to wrap around your legs and feet while relaxing and leaves your arms free to move about.


These snacky Snuggies come in FIVE different flavors designs.

The OG Cheetos, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Pepsi, Mt. Dew Code Red, and Cool Ranch Doritos, and you just might want them all!!


These Snack Snuggie Blankets run less than 20 bucks, and would make the perfect gifts this holiday season!

To get your own Snack Snuggie Blankets, head on over to the Walmart website.

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