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These Halloween Movie Inspired Color Changing Cups Are Just The Little Touch Of Wicked That We Need

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It is that time of year — we drift into everything gothic, ghoulish, and creepy. We can’t help it. That’s what the beginning of fall is for!!

Talking about creepy and ghoulish, these cups are hella cool!! They have some of our favorite Halloween movie characters, AND they are color changing!


These 24 ounce, color changing cups start out as one color (light green, orange, lavender, and yellow). When you fill them with a cold liquid, they change to another color (orange, periwinkle, blue, and green).

They are so cool!!


You get to choose your character and color. There’s Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tiffany Ray the Bride of Chucky, and that creepy as hell doll himself, Chucky.


Oh my gosh. When I was younger (like 4-25 years old!!) Chucky completely FREAKED me out. I would have dreams that he was running after me with a knife. I couldn’t even watch a preview of one of his movies without panicking!

Wednesday Addams, on the other hand, is my spirit animal. LOL!! She is just so gothically cool.

And, Jack Skellington — well, he’s Jack Skellington. You can’t have Halloween without him!!

Each of their color-changing cups comes with a pretty color-coordinating lid and a straw.

All cups are designed using permanent vinyl. Great for any gift or personal use.


The care for these color-changing cups is pretty simple. Hand wash them only. Don’t let them soak in water. Don’t scrub them. Let them air dry. Use cold fluids only. And, NEVER microwave the cup.


Now, each cup is unique and made to order. As such, please allow 3 days to make your cup, and then up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Each cup is less than $9, and shipping is about $3 — so you can have a super cool color-changing cup for like $12!!

Good gosh, these would make such a great inexpensive gift!!


You can get your very own awesome Halloween Themed Color Changing Cup from the GenerationsCreating shop on Etsy.


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