Turns Out, The Chance Of A Fully Vaccinated Severe Breakthrough Case Of COVID Is About 0.004%

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We have heard the news. People who are getting the COVID vaccine are still getting sick from the virus, and some are dying.

This sounds really scary and horrible — which it is — but when you actually look at the numbers, it really isn’t as catastrophic as some would have you believe.

Let me preface this by saying: Yes. People are dying. Yes. That is horrific. Anytime someone loses their life, it is reason to mourn and be upset.

But, step back for a minute and just look at where we stand. No judging. No immediately arguing. No trying to push an agenda. Just look.

As of July 26th, more than 163 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Fully vaccinated means they got BOTH rounds of their Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or their ONE round of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Of that amount, 6,587 Covid-19 breakthrough cases have been reported. 6,587 is but a fraction — a very small fraction — of the 163 million people who have been vaccinated.

Now, 6,239 of those people had pretty severe illnesses, and had to be hospitalized for their breakthrough cases. A little over a 1,200 of those people passed away from virus related causes.

That is hard and horrible, but 1,200 deaths out of 163 MILLION vaccinated individuals is actually pretty promising.

When you look at the risks of the vaccine versus the benefits, the odds are pretty excellent that the vaccine is helping in the grand scheme of things.

Less than 0.004% of fully vaccinated people had a breakthrough case that led to hospitalization and less than 0.001% of fully vaccinated people died from a breakthrough Covid-19 case.


Unfortunately, most of those cases of hospitalization and death occurred in individuals over the age of 65.

The CDC bases all their information on VOLUNTARY reporting, and these numbers give us a “snapshot” that helps “identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases.”

BTW: While the vaccine makes it less likely that a vaccinated individual will catch COVID, a vaccinated person can still carry and pass the virus on to other individuals.

So, bottom line: Go get yourself vaccinated*.

And, with this Delta variant running rampant, it is prudent to follow guidelines, and keep up with wearing those masks.

They have said from the beginning, masks help so YOU don’t pass the virus on to OTHERS.

Let’s all do our parts to stay as well as possible during this crazy time of pandemic.

*My opinion, and the strong suggestion of many.

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