Bath & Body Works Has A Neon Green Glowing Monster Candle Holder Just In Time For Halloween

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Bath & Body Works is currently selling a menacing monster pedestal to hold your creepy candles and pumpkin fragranced lotions.

Courtesy of Mercari

With its mouth wide open showing a full set of prickly teeth with its tongue hanging from the side, this cunning monster looks like an alligator waiting for its prey.

Courtesy of Mercari

The large pedestal, decorated with two bulging eyes that never close also has a slashing tail and webbed feet with long fingernails.

Courtesy of @witchywoman.11

Maybe you might be distracted by the slimy tongue or extra large eyes, however this candle holder also glows even without a three wick candle burning at the top!

Courtesy of @midnite_spookshow

Inside its open and widened mouth is a neon green glow that illuminates by the power of a switch on the bottom of the holder.

Courtesy of @spookynerdmom

Place your candle on top of the monster’s head and you’ll have a Halloween glow in the cozy corner of your bedroom or on the kitchen table even when your candle burns out.

Courtesy of @mikeltiff

Since Bath & Body Works has released their newest Halloween collection reveal, the creepy candle holder has already sold out in stores, but you can find the the grinning monster on eBay for $129.

Courtesy of eBay

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