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‘The Munsters’ Movie Has Dropped on Netflix and People Are Loving It

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They just dropped a new trailer for the Rob Zombie reboot of The Munsters, and it looks pretty good.

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I don’t know what this trend is — the one where all the old shows are getting rebooted — but I love it!!

We’ve already been teased with reboots like Interview With a VampireSex and the CityiCarlyThe RugratsThe Addams Family, and The Lost Boys.


NOW, Rob Zombie is bringing us the reboot that we didn’t even realize we wanted.

In fact, a lot of people are loving his take on the classic.

The Munsters just dropped onto Netflix, and I’m hella excited to see it reimagined.

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This new, modern take on that lovable Frankenstein-esque family is coming from the imagination of Rob Zombie.

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You know the name Rob Zombie, right?

Not only is he that wicked singer from the 90s, he’s also had his hands in several Halloween reboots and crazy cool — slightly scary — projects through the years.

While he usually leans on the horror genre, this time he is bringing us a bit of light-hearted monster fun.

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This is either going to be REALLY good, or it’s gonna suck hardcore. LOL!!

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He’ll definitely be paying homage to the original — we get to hear that classic Munsters theme song. But, this time around, we’re getting some fresh talent to make us smile.

We get a treat, because Rob Zombie’s wife — Sheri Moon Zombie — is going to be playing Lily Munster in this wicked fun reboot.

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It gets even better. Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is going to be making a cameo in the film. I can’t freaking wait!

Another horror icon joining this cast of spooky fun characters is Dee Wallace — from The Howling and Cujo.

Incidentally, she was also the mom in E.T.

You can see the new trailer for The Munsters HERE.

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And, you can go to Netflix to stream the movie NOW.

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