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Wendy’s Is Releasing A Peppermint Frosty And The Holidays Have Never Tasted So Good

OMG!! Christmas is coming early this year!!

Wendy’s is introducing the PEPPERMINT Frosty, and I’ve never been more excited for a foodie product in my entire life!

Christmas is my favorite time of year for so many reasons: the food, the decorations, the feels.

I love that it’s the season of the peppermint! If you haven’t tried the Peppermint Chip Frappuccino off the Starbucks Secret Menu, you are seriously missing out.

That peppermint flavor is coming to one of my favorite fast food desserts — The Frosty — and I’m damn near giddy.

Now, this hasn’t OFFICIALLY been announced by Wendy’s, itself.

The information was leaked from a very trusty employee.

New Peppermint Frosty will hit stores nationwide for a limited time November 15th.


You can bet your bottom dollar that my butt is going to be in that Wendy’s drive thru line a minimum of 5 times a week — for a limited time.

Get ready. November 5th is the big Peppermint Frosty day — and we can’t stinkin’ wait!