This Mom Teaches Her Family To Do Basic Household Chores And It Is Hilarious

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Simple household chores are…simple, right?

Well, this mom on TikTok begs to differ!

We all know how irritating it is when your roommate, siblings or children are lazy and simple household duties become nonexistent.

Well this mother has had enough!

Now I’m pretty sure this video is supposed to be all fun and games, but I’m sure many of us can relate when our loved ones can’t wash their own dishes or put their dirty clothes in the hamper!

The family has a two part series showing examples of simple household chores and demonstrates how to correctly accomplish these tasks while her family takes notes off to the side.

It’s genius if you ask me and very funny. I know I got a good laugh watching this family and I hope it brings a smile to your face too!

The two part video series includes tasks such as ringing out the sponge when it’s full of water, hanging up towels in the bathroom, closing the lid on the toothpaste, changing the toilet paper roll, turning the lights off and a few other daily chores.

I belly laughed when I noticed the dad and two kids commenting on the side looking “astonished” and “surprised” to see how simple the mom makes these daily household chores out to be.


PART 2! There will be test tomorrow-anything less than 100% fails. #parenting101 #familylife #cleaning #comedy #fyp

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For example, the dad is completely “flabergasted” when he finds out that the shoe rack is made so that their shoes can be placed on it, instead of all around the house.

Courtesy of @bellyfull.net

A simple video with a big message am I right?! Both videos went viral with the first video hitting almost 9 million views and the second totaling to 3 million!

Congrats on being TikTok famous guys and I hope you all are helping your mother out around the house more often, wink wink!

Courtesy of @bellyfull.net

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