You’ll Be Able To See The Taco Moon In May. Here’s How!

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Lookup everyone! A delicious ‘Taco Moon” is set to take the stage very soon.

Courtesy of @tacobellspain

A rare taco moon will light up the night sky on Tuesday, May 4th that might even influence some crunchy taco and juicy beef cravings?

Courtesy of @tacobell

Okay okay, we know you must be thinking that there’s no such thing as the Taco Moon, but Taco Bell has claimed the waning crescent that will take the spotlight next Tuesday as a publicity stunt to give away free tacos.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

So if you ask us, the Taco Moon is real for the time being so we can claim a free taco because there’s no taco like a free taco.

Courtesy of @sesco_photography

To celebrate the ordinary celestial event, you can play along with Taco Bell’s very clever stunt and get your free Taco between 8pm and 11:59pm local time in-store or with the Taco Bell app.

Courtesy of @tacobell

While you and your friends are crunching on the famous OG taco from Taco Bell, don’t forget to take a peak at the Taco Moon because after all, it is because of the waning crescent that gave you the free taco you’re holding.

Courtesy of @ofhiddenbeauty

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