You Can Get a Life Size ‘Mars Attacks’ Martian Animatronic Just in Time for Halloween

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Earthlings beware, it looks like the Martin Army has officially invaded Earth.

Aliens have just set foot on our planet, and let’s just say that this alien crew does not look like they come in peace.

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

You can now get a life-sized intergalactic alien animatronic for Halloween inspired from the movie Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton!

Standing over 6 feet tall, these green martians look exactly like the ones from the film!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

And before they take over your lawn this spooky season, this Martian Army plans to set foot in the Nevada dessert first if you’re familiar with the film.

So if you happen to be a resident nearby, our best advice would be to not engage with these aliens who only have one purpose, and that is to gain control over Earth!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Even with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, hands, and feet, you’ll be able to spot the difference between these aliens and your neighbor.

So keep on the lookout for an enlarged brain and eyes that bulge so big you can see veins from each intergalactic alien animatronic!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

While wearing a cool blue spacesuit, this alien species comes to life with subtle movements from his head and light up features that include an intergalactic space weapon that lights up blue and shoots mist.

Equipped with spooky music that will make the hairs on your arms stand up, this alien also comes with laser and wind sounds.

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

You can currently find this intergalactic alien inspired by Mars Attacks! from Spirit Halloween online and in stores so this year, you can have your lawn look like the set of the classic film!

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

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