This Artist Creates Mini Felt Animals and They Are So Cute, I Want Them All

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I’ve always wanted to try wool felting. Have you ever done it? I found this amazing artist named Anna Romanova from Russia and her work just blows my mind. Like, how is talent like this even possible?

lady.aromanova – Instagram

She uses the wool felting technique to create amazingly detailed pocket-sized brooches and toys too!

She has been making them since 2010. It started as a hobby, but as people noticed her skills it grew into a business.

She makes them from sheep’s wool and uses needles that are specially made for felting wool. She says that when she makes a felted toy it normally takes her between 5 and 14 days depending on the type and size.

She makes all sorts of woodland critters, dogs, cats, tigers, and so much more. I would love to have this talent!

You guys…she even made a Baby Yoda!

The most popular item that she sells is the cute little foxes!

You can contact her through Instagram or Facebook if you wanted to buy one.

Which one is your favorite? I wonder if she would make a tiny Great Dane toy! Oh, that would be so freaking cute!!!! The little Pug above is so adorable!

lady.aromanova – Instagram

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