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I’m Obsessed With Target’s New Halloween Succulents

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This succulent craze has been going on for awhile now, but I’m just jumping on board the bandwagon — but I jumped on in with both feet!!

What started with one little succulent from Trader Joe’s has turned into one from Aldi, three from Costco, and now I’m about to preorder ALL the Halloween succulents from Target!!

If you didn’t know, Target has a Halloween Hyde & EEK Boutique presale going on, and things are selling out FAST!!

Courtesy of Target

Part of that presale includes the freaking CUTEST little succulents and succulent planters, and I need am going to get them all. *Shhh, don’t tell my husband*

Courtesy of Target

Y’all, they have a SO MANY of these little succulent planters that start at 3 bucks.

Yes, you read that right — THREE BUCKS!!

Courtesy of Target

There are also a some that are $5, and a few that are $20 — and ALL of them are totally worth it.

Courtesy of Target

Like I said, they are selling out fast, so you are going to want to get in on this deal quickly! Like, don’t overthink it — just go to the website and throw them in your cart, and purchase them before they are gone.

They are also spacing out the presale, so you might see some that say “Coming Soon.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be checking back with the Target website DAILY to see when those go on sale!! I can’t take the cuteness that are these little Halloween succulents!!

Courtesy of Target

You guys, there is a black cat, and a little not-so-spooky white ghost. There is a little Jack-O’-Lantern, and a purple coiled up snake. Gah!! I want them all.

Courtesy of Target

Of course, leave it to Target to bring ALL the sweet Halloween treats!! Many of these items actually come out around August 27th, but you can purchase them NOW. That means you are SURE to get one when the time rolls around.

Courtesy of Target

Y’all!! It’s almost Halloween!! *Giddy Dance* Be looking for MORE Halloween content to come real soon. Halloween is our JAM!!

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