Too Hot? Experts Say You Should Be Sleeping In Wet Clothes and Sheets To Keep Cool

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Okay, this is just about the strangest advice I’ve ever heard…

It’s officially Summer in the U.S. and it’s likely that where you live, it’s HOT.

For us in Utah, we’ve been having a heat wave and even broke a record for our earliest day of 100 degree weather ever.

With that being said, there are definitely some ways you can keep cool.

For starters, you can keep your air conditioning running and stay inside your home to stay cool.

Experts say you should keep your house at 78 degrees but yeah, no.

Now some experts are taking this to a serious and weird new level – sleeping in wet clothes and sheets to keep cool.

Yeah, I am scratching my head too.

Apparently, putting wet covers over windows and doors during the day would cool off the house. It basically creates an evaporative cooling environment (of course when used in conjunction with fans and your air conditioning).

The same goes for wetting your sheets and clothes at night. It’s just a matter if you can actually sleep while you’re wet.

Look, I get hot at night so I keep a cooling sheet on me, my fan going and our air conditioning on. I don’t think I can handle being wet. That is a bit excessive.

Overall, if you are wanting to take your cooling to the next level, this might be something to try.

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