Dunkaroos Are Officially Coming Back and I Couldn’t Be More Excited

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Calling all 90s kids!! Guess what?! Dunkaroos Are Officially Coming Back and I Couldn’t Be More Excited!!

Courtesy of General Mills

I finally get to let my kids in on one of my favorite childhood treats! Yasssss!


If you were part of the 90’s at all you know that Dunkaroos were like the Oreos of that time (only they were vanilla cookies with a vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles dip).

They were fun and tasty and they are FINALLY coming back!

Betty Crocker (the makers of Dunkaroos) teased something back to use back in January by posting this to Instagram:


But then just the other day, they CONFIRMED they are coming back this summer by posting on social media saying:

?Definitely coming back. Summer 2020.?


It does look like they’ll be getting a new packaging and possibly a new shape. Awww, no more little kangaroo cookies?!


Either way, I am just excited they are making a comeback so I can share them with my kids! By the way, no official release date we just know they are coming this Summer 2020.


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