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This Kitchen Drawer Hack Finally Gives You A Place to Store All Those Tupperware Lids

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Y’all! My mind is blown right now. I have been looking for ways to add more storage space to my kitchen — because it’s really the size of a small closet — and I found something GENIUS!

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

You know that 4 inch space that is at the bottom of your shelves. I call it a ‘kick board,’ but it’s also known as a ‘toe kick’ or ‘mop board.’

Courtesy of Etsy

It’s usually a space that is just covered by, like, a flat board, or some kind of molding.

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

I totally wish I would have thought of this idea, but that area can actually be utilized as a space for cookie sheets or other flat-ish kitchen tools and gadgets.

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

It can also be a place to store your kitchen step stool — short person problems!

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

You can even get a vacuum that lives under the cabinets, ready to suck up your swept up crumbs and trash in an instant!

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

I’m telling y’all, I am about to totally do this in my kitchen! I really only have two small areas that can be converted, but I need step stool storage.

Courtesy of Etsy

Want to know my FAVORITE IDEA though? I FINALLY could have a place to store all of those Tupperware lids that fall out of my cupboard every time I open it! Ahhhh


This pretty much sums it up…

I also think that a vacuum there might actually get my kids to do their sweeping chores!

Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

The Toekick Vacuum makes clean-up mindless. Whether you prefer tidying up a bit here and there or you prefer doing it all in one big sweep, this built-in vacuum solution eliminates hassle. The 120V unit is activated by a foot-operated switch and waste is stored in a reusable bag. 

Diamond at Lowe’s
Courtesy of Diamond at Lowe’s

I’m totally going to have to YouTube how to do it! I want to prove I don’t need need to hire somebody to do it for me!

You can get what you need to convert your own kick board area in your kitchen on Etsy, and from Diamond at Lowe’s.

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